Mapping Osriel in CC1

Yesterday, Bruce Heard announced the beginning of the Kickstarter for his second Calidar book, CC1 Beyond the Skies.  You probably already know that it’s a book of deities and demigods, divided into pantheons, with one for each Great Calderan nation.  Osriel, however, is a special case.

The lands of Osriel were originally known as the Dawn Wilds, and they were fought over by all of the lunar races and their colonies.  To further complicate things, their gods made a number of deals with the Gate Keeper to bring in new colonists from the Vortex.  These cultures from another dimension mixed with the lunar colonists, eventually forming eight or nine states, each with different culture and language.

Eventually the disparate realms joined into a single nation, unified by its interest in multiculturalism and trade.  As a result, the gods of Osriel are many and varied; known as the Calderan Pantheon, Osriel’s pantheon draws its gods from all over the Great Caldera. More