Caldwen Topographical Map (Patreon)

Presenting June’s Patreon map: the Magiocracy of Caldwen!

Caldwen Topographical Map
Topographic Map of the Magiocracy of Caldwen, Great Caldera, Calidar. This map was created with the support of Patreon patrons.

With many thanks to all of June’s patrons:

Jesper Andersen, Azure Admiral, David Chart, Francesco Defferrari, Christopher Desmond, Joshua DiCicco, Paul Dupuis, Bruce Heard, Brian Isikoff, Eric Jackson, Grégory Le Louette, Wendy Lord, Harri Mäki, Nate Mangion, Carl Matthews, Gordon McCormick, Anna B Meyer, Sverre Midthjell, Hervé Musseau, Wolfgang Neckel, Cameron Paine, Peter, Thomas Pizard, Dave Poppel, Friedrich Röhrer-Ertl, Mirco Sadrinna, Jeff Scifert, Robert Slaughter, Erin D Smale, Joshua Starnes, Kurt Stoffer, Maciej Szydłowski, Sandra Tait, Douglas Zielsdorf.

For more on Caldwen, including a short overview of the magiocracy, check out my post over at Patreon.

In other news, you’ve probably already heard about the new Calidar book, Dreams of Aerie. In case you haven’t: the Kickstarter is now in progress, and it’s already almost funded. It’s an adventure set on the Flying Circus previously introduced in CC1 Beyond the Skies, and it’s full of mystery, secret societies, and of course Bruce’s usual quirky humour.

Check it out here:

Calidar: Dreams of Aerie Kickstarter